The Third Line is a Dubai-based art gallery that represents contemporary Middle Eastern artists locally, regionally, and internationally.

With his two partners, Sunny Rahbar and Claudia Cellini, Ghobash co-founded one of the few galleries in Dubai to represent all of its artists on long-term contractual commitments.

The concept behind the gallery is to establish a top-level platform where contemporary artistic talent and culture from the Middle East can be showcased, debated, discussed and furthered.

It was the first, and often, the only gallery from the Middle East to participate in international art fairs like Art Basel, Frieze New York, Frieze London, among many others. Since opening in 2005, gallery exhibitions have included photography, painting, sculpture, video screening, sound, and installations.

In addition to its exhibitions, The Third Line engages in the production of art publications in English and Arabic and hosts numerous non-profit, alternative programs that add to the discourse on art, film, music and literature in the region.

“The Third Line” gets its name from a poem written by the master teacher of the famed 13th Century Persian poet Rumi, Shams. Shams was a mystic who is credited with breathing poetic life into Rumi. The poem itself goes something like this in English:

The first line I write is for only you and I to read
The second line I write is for others to read
The third line I write, no one can read
The third line is me.
The Third Line is Art.


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