The Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize is the first worldwide to recognize a published literary work of Arabic to English translation.

The Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literary Translation is an annual prize of £3,000 awarded to the translator(s) of a published translation in English of a full-length imaginative and creative Arabic work of literary merit and general interest, and published in the original Arabic after, or during, the year 1967 – a year widely recognized as a "watershed" year for Arabic literature, and first published in English translation in the year prior to the award.

The prize is sponsored wholly by Omar Saif Ghobash and his family, and named in memory of his father, the late Saif Ghobash, a man passionate about Arabic literature and other literatures of the world.

It aims to raise the profile of contemporary Arabic literature as well as honoring the important work of individual translators in bringing the work of established and emerging Arab writers to the attention of the wider world.

The prize was established in 2005 by Banipal, the magazine of modern Arab literature in English translation, and the Banipal Trust for Arab Literature.

It is administered by the Society of Authors in the UK, as are other prizes for literary translation into English from European languages with the Award Ceremony hosted by the Society.

To mark the tenth year of the prize, Omar Saif Ghobash and his family extend their sponsorship to the establishment of an annual Lecture.




All images courtesy of the Banipal Trust